Main partners:

  • International Institut of Welding (IIW)
  • European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF)
  • National R&D Institut for Welding and Material Testing (ISIM)

ASR represents Romania in the EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting). Its reprezentant at EWF is Prof. Dorin Dehelean, member if Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences and from 2011 the General Assembly of International Institut of Welding (IIW) accepted ASR as the second member from Romania.

In 1998 ASR became a member of the Romanian Standardization Association (ASRO), being represented in the Governing Council of ASRO.

ASR signed collaboration agreements with:
  • ARoEND Romanian Non-Destructive Examination Society
  • ARR Romanian Robotics Society
  • AWS American Welding Society
  • BWS Bulgarian Welding Society
  • CESOL Spanish Welding Society
  • DVS German Welding Society
  • DGZfP German Non-Destructive Examination Society
  • ÖGS Austrian Welding Society
  • SDVT Slovenian Welding Society
  • IIW Indian Welding Society
  • SWS Serbian Welding Society
  • MHtE Hungarian Welding Society AND Material Testing
  • Moldavian Welding Society (ASRM)

All societies with which ASR has signed collaboration agreements became ASR members free of annual fee.