The 4th IIW South-East European Welding Congress is organized by Serbian Welding Society in cooperation with Welding Societies from Bulgaria and Romania and the National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing (ISIM-Romania) at Belgrade, 10-12 October 2018,

The Congress has the theme "Safe Welded Construction by High Quality Welding" and it is an opportunity for scientiests and engineers, technicians, welders, suppliers and customers to meet and share their experiences, ideas, information and acquire new knowledge. 

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Romanian Welding Society in cooperation with POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara organized between 26-27th of April 2018 at Timisoara (Romania) the conference “WELDING 2018”.

The Conference was addressed to specialists from industry, research and universities.

Main topics:

            - additive manufacturing

            - joining materials

            - industrial laser applications

            - robotization of welding processes



The 3rd IIW South – East European Welding Congress was recently held from 3rd to 5th of June, 2015, at the Regional Business Centre in Timisoara, Romania. The congress was organized by the National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing- ISIM Timisoara (Romania) in partnership with the Bulgarian Welding Society (BWS), the Romanian Welding Society (ASR), the Serbian Welding Society (DUZS) and the Welding Institute - Zavod za Zavarivanje (Serbia).   Conferinta IIW 2015

The congress was officially opened on 3rd June 2015, by the Opening Ceremony that took place at the Romanian Opera House from Timisoara. The welcoming address was presented by Dr. eng. Alin Constantin Murariu, General Director of ISIM Timisoara and President of the Organizing Committee. According to the tradition the Jaeger Lecture followed – “Structural Integrity. A Probabilistic Perspective”, presented by Professor Dragoş Dumitru Cioclov, one of the most important Romanian specialists in the field of welding and material testing.The ceremony continued with an artistic program offered by the artists and the orchestra of the Romanian Opera House, followed by the Welcoming Reception. The scientific program of the congress with the theme “Welding and joining technologies for a sustainable development and environment” was held on June 4-5, 2015 at the Regional Business Centre from Timisoara. There were 57 papers presented, divided in the following sessions Plenary session – 8 papers Parallel session: - Special Session dedicated to the memory of Professor Stojan Sedmak – 11 papers - Joining processes – 21 papers - Structural integrity – 12 papers - Quality management – 5 papers The excellent presentations and interesting discussions on the approached issues were appreciated by more than 200 participants from 23 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA). The technical program also included an international conference and two workshops: • 11th International Conference Structural Integrity of Welded Structures (ISCS15), June 5, 2015 The scientific program of the conference contained 46 papers, as follows: - Plenary session: 16 papers - Poster session: 30 papers The authors highlighted the results of their own research and development activity, carried out in the frame of their institutes and universities from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Israel. The papers were published in the Advanced Materials Research periodical, volume 1111.

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• Workshop - National Welding Capability, June 3, 2015 The key objective of this workshop was for each country to analyze and evaluate their situation, with regard to their own national welding capability, identify future challenges and draw up and implement actions plans to strengthen their own National Welding Capability. • Workshop - Pipeline Construction & Meeting of the IIW Sub-commission XI-E Transmission Pipelines, June 5, 2015 The workshop was organized with the support of the IIW Sub-commission XI-E Transmission Pipelines and moderated by Mr. Christoph Gerritsen - ArcelorMittal Global R&D Gent (Belgium). The international fair “Innovation in Welding & NDT” was also organized; 17 exhibitors, including ASR, presented their products and service offers in the field of welding, allied processes and material testing. Besides the technical program, business to business meetings took place. The participants had the opportunity to meet and discuss with possible future collaborators. The congress offered to the participants the best framework for an exchange of ideas and knowledge, for a dialogue intended to open new research directions and to join together in partnerships for new research. Further information about the congress can be found at:


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