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Nr. 1/2014


Revista Sudura 1/2014The articles  abstract are published in Romanian and English languages


❯ Hot Dip Galvanizing – Corrosion and corrosion protection (Part II)

Dr. Caius Bulea

Abstract: The article concerns to the hot dip galvanizing process that realize the coating of a thin layer of zinc on the steel product surface by immersion in molten zinc. They contend that the objective of hot zinc coating is to protect the steel products against corrosion. Below is the cost analysis. The cost of zinc coating is compared with the costs of painting and these costs are distributed over the entire life of a building. The conclusion is obvious: hot dip galvanizing it is the best corrosion protection process known today for steel structures and also the most inexpensive method of corrosion protection currently known. Hot dip galvanizing resists corrosion for at least two times longer than paint and cost twice less.

Evolutions of standardization in the field of radiopraphic testing of welds in steel

Ing. Petru Ţenchea, Preşedinte ASRO/CT 39 – Sudare şi procedee conexe şi, ASRO/CT 40 – Examinări nedistructive, S.C. E-QSE CONSULTING S.R.L. Timişoara

Abstract: Seven new EN ISO standards, prepared by ISO/TC 44 and ISO/TC 135 in cooperation with CEN/TC 121 andCEN/TC 138, are presented: EN ISO 10675-1:2013, Non-destructive testing of welds – Acceptance levels forradiographic testing – Part 1: Steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys; EN ISO 17636-1:2013, Non-destructivetesting of welds – Radiographic testing – Part 1: X- and gamma-ray rechniques with film, and EN ISO 19232-1…5:2013, Non-destructive testing – Image quality of radiographs.

❯ Academician Traian Sălăgean (1929-1993) - life and work

Dorin Dehelean, Asociaţia de Sudură din România


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